Eye-Q and Tzu Chi joined effort to serve local school kids

EYE-Q Vision Care joined forces with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation to provide vision screenings for area school kids. The screenings were performed on the Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic and were part of a Fresno pilot program designed to provide vision services to underprivileged children in the Valley. The “Vision Bus”, which was on loan from Los Angeles, made its debut in Fresno this month making stops at Heaton Elementary and Gaston Middle Schools. The state-of-the-art bus is equipped with a full-service exam room, an optical department with a full inventory of frames and a complete single-vision lens lab. Kids receive a comprehensive eye exam, and lenses are crafted and fitted on-site in one session, allowing them to walk away with a brand new pair of glasses in less than an hour. Dr. Kim Vuong and Dr. Michael Mendoza led the EYE-Q team of vision specialists, who volunteered their time to perform these vision screenings. The end result was that over 100 children received vision screenings, many of whom had poor eyesight and left with a new pair of glasses and the prospect of a brighter future. Good eyesight is critical to a child’s development. Poor vision can lead to serious developmental delays. According to the CDC, vision problems are the single most prevalent disabling condition among American children and nearly 25 percent of all school-aged kids have vision problems. mobile2EYE-Q is committed to bringing a higher level of pediatric eye care to local children and to making sure that all kids have access to vision care. The recent opening of EYE-Q’s dedicated pediatric department reflects EYE-Q’s commitment to this important cause. Dr. Derick Holt, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, has been connecting with local pediatricians, neonatologists, school nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide them with information and training on children’s eye disease, vision screenings and eye exams. Holt’s goal for EYE-Q Pediatrics is to expand partnerships and provide a higher level of service to children throughout the Valley. These school vision screenings fit in with EYE-Q Pediatrics long-term plan. One of the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation’s mobile clinic goals is to ensure that all kids receive vision screenings and the appropriate eyewear to ensure that they have the best possible chance for success in the classroom. The program kicked off in 2015 with three days of screening at two lower income schools. The goal for 2016 is to expand to nine Fresno area schools. The Tzu Chi Foundation is a global non-profit organization whose sole mission is to help the poor and relieve suffering. The international organization has been providing medical services to Central Valley residents since 2003. EYE-Q is honored to have an opportunity to work with the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation and to provide much needed vision services for this underserved population. EYE-Q has been a part of the Valley for over 60 years and is committed to giving back to the community.